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Songmaster Administrator January 20, 2012 Downloading and Playing Songmaster iVideosongs / Playing Videos

Be advised that only QuickTime consistently supports our file format, so if QuickTime isn't giving satisfactory playback, if you're running Windows, please try QuickTime in Safe Mode:
Open QuickTime 7
Click on the menus Edit \ Preferences \ QuickTime Preferences...
Click the Advanced tab.
Under the Video section select Safe mode (GDI only).
Click the OK button.
Restart QuickTime and try and replay the movie.

If this doesn't resolve the audio issue, let us know.

Songmaster Administrator May 15, 2012 Downloading and Playing Songmaster iVideosongs / Other Downloading Questions

You can re-download any purchased lesson any time you wish, as follows:

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Open "My Downloads".
  3. Click on the file name (yellow/orange text) and Open with Songmaster Downloader.
  4. Answer "Yes" to "repeat download?"
  5. Allow the process to reach 100% complete before playing in QuickTime.

Songmaster Administrator November 02, 2011 Downloading and Playing Songmaster iVideosongs / The Songmaster Download Manager

The Songmaster Download Manager is a small application that must be installed on your computer to download videos from our website. The manager is delivered as a file named “download.ivideosongs” that runs in Adobe AIR. If AIR is not already installed on your computer, the Songmaster website will prompt you to install it, as described in “How do I install Adobe AIR?”

When AIR is installed, our website will prompt you to install the Songmaster Download Manager. First, you must purchase a video. Then, at the “Thank you for your purchase” page, follow these steps:

1.    Click the “Download Now” button.

2.    When an “Application Install” window opens, click “Open.”

3.    When a confirmation screen opens, click “Install.”

4.    Select your installation preferences, then click “Continue.”

After the manager is installed, launch it from the “Thank you for your purchase” page by clicking the “Launch Now” button. The Songmaster Download Manager will run for this and future purchases. For more information, see “How do I use the Songmaster Download Manager?”


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